All You Need to Know About Casino Games If You Live in Canada

Playing Casino Games In Canada

Canada is a wonderful and beautiful land, but at certain times of the year, being indoors is preferable to being out in the freezing cold outdoors. So, when you are at home and have a bit of time to spend doing what you enjoy, one of the most popular forms of entertainment for people living in Canada nowadays is playing at an online casino.

There are many different reasons for this. The rise in mobile technology and the proliferation of smartphones and tablets have made online casino gaming more accessible and portable than ever before. The rise of social gaming on sites such as Facebook has also led to more people wanting to play for real money, as opposed to pretend cash.

The fact that online gaming is legal in Canada, when it is not so freely available in the US also afford Canadian players plenty of opportunities to indulge in a little casino gaming. So what are the casino games that you are likely to find at a typical online or mobile casino?

Let’s explore a little and find out:


Types of Casino Games

In truth, there are many different types of Casino Games nowadays and there are a number of games that have been developed online that just could not be offered in a real, bricks and mortar casino. However, there are some broad categories of casino games and these are outlined below:

  • Slot Games – This is a massive category of games and includes many different types of slots including Progressive Jackpot games, Film & TV Tie in slots, 3-reel and 5-reel games, Retro-slots as well as i-slots and even multi-player slots.
  • Card Games Perhaps the most famous type of online casino game is card games an online you can find many different types. The most popular tend to be Blackjack and Baccarat and there are different variations you can find of each. However, these are by no means all the card games you can play with others such as Casino Hold’em, 3 Card Brag, Rummy, Hi-Lo and Caribbean Draw Poker also available.
  • Table Games – Table games are the typical types of games you would play at the gaming tables in real world casinos and they include games such as Craps and Roulette to name but two.
  • Video Poker – These are games very similar to slots where you can win prizes by claiming high value poker hands by being dealt cards, then swapping out of your hand the cards you do not want and being dealt fresh cards. After the deal, your hand is assessed and if you achieve above a certain hand, then the hand you have landed will determine how much you win. There are many different variations of Video Poker you can play including single and multiple-hand versions.
  • Instant Win/Scratchcard Games – These are games similar to the Lottery-style scratchcards you can buy from newsagents and where you scratch away at the panels to reveal a prize. In the online version, you scratch virtually of course but the result is the same, either your card wins a stated amount, or you lose.

Alongside these types of game some casinos also have some offbeat games that you can wager on that don’t fit into any of the above categories particularly easily. These can include such games as novelty racing games, bingo style games (such as Keno), or games where you have to predict the outcome of the turn of a card or roll of a dice or some other such random event.


Mobile Casino Games

In the early days of mobile casino gaming, customers that accessed their casinos from their mobile would often get a raw deal, as many of the games were not optimised to be used on this new technology. As such, only a small selection of games would work on mobiles and as such, the typical mobile casino gamer didn’t get the best service.

That situation could not last and now casinos have worked hard to update all their games to ensure that mobile casino gamers can enjoy the same wealth of options as a player who logs in from a desktop PC can access. This now means that there are a massive number of mobile casino games available at all the top casinos and that almost every new release you care to mention is also likely to be compatible to play on mobile.

This leaves us in the situation we have today where f you want to play mobile casino games from Canada, then you have an outstanding choice on almost any handheld device you want to play.


How to play Casino Games

The good news for relatively novice casino players is that the majority of Casino games on offer nowadays do not require any skill factor at all to play. The likes of slots, roulette, craps, scratchcard/Instant Win games, Keno, Video Poker all more or less depend solely on a random event, rather than the skill or strategy of an individual player.

Strategy can play a role at a more advanced level and there are strategies you can employ in games such as Blackjack, Baccarat and even Roulette and Craps in order to try and give yourself a better chance at winning, but you can never guarantee a win in these games, regardless of what any dodgy website will tell you!

If you are new to casino games and want to learn how to play, I strongly advise using the extensive Free Play options available at many casinos to trial games before you start playing for money. This will allow you to get a grasp of the games before you play for real cash. Once you understand how it works and are happy to wager your own money, then is the time to try the game out for your hard-earned cash.

As always, as with any entertainment, the best way to play is to play for enjoyment only and view any wins as a bonus. Set yourself a spend limit, stick to it and any profit you make, take away to enjoy. Then you will build up good habits when playing casino games at any online casino.


Popular Casino games in Canada

What are the most popular types of casino games you can play in Canada? While every player is different there are patterns to the more popular types of games people play around the world and in Canada, the following three games seem to be the top of the tree with most players:

  • Mega Moolah Progressive Jackpot Slot – There’s been several winners of the Microgaming ‘millionaire-maker’ slot in recent times and its popularity is ever increasing after a record number of pay outs already in 2017.
  • French Roulette Gold – Why play Roulette with the edge even more in favour of the house with a 00 slot as on the American Roulette wheel? Canadians are wise to this and find the French version, with just a single zero slot, far more to their liking.
  • Multi-Hand Classic Blackjack Gold – Blackjack is a hugely popular game with Canadian players and this version from Microgaming offers some favourable rules for players plus the ability to play more than one hand at once at the table.